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Club foot:
We correct all club feet with Ponsetti casting, a new miracle treatment.  For late and neglected club foot we do soft tissue release surgeries (PMSTR) in addition to Ponsetti casting.  Late reconstruction is also done using various osteotomies and Ilizarov. Readmore...

Congenital dislocation of hip can be treated easily if picked during neonatal period. We offer treatment s like closed reduction, hip spica application, open reductions. For late neglected pateitns we do open reduction and pelvi acetabular osteotomies (various osteotomies like Salter osteotomy, pemberton`s, Dega, Triple osteotomies). We have successfully treated neglected patients with CDH as old as 14 years. Readmore...

Other foot deformities:
Neuromuscular  foot conditions like cavocarus foot, euinovalgus, calcaneovalgus foot, Congenital vertical talus, congenital metatarsus adductus, hallux valgus, other foot and toe abnormalities are also dealt with different treatment modalities like: conservative management, surgical reconstruction, postoperative brace management. Readmore...

Limping child: evaluation and management:
Flat foot:
we do offer special surgeries for correction of resistant painful flat foot like calcaneal lengthening osteotomies.

Knee and Leg deformities:
Genu varum, genu valgum and blounts disease: Conservative management, 8 plate guided growth correction, various osteotomies, Ilizarov- gradual correction. Readmore...

Congenital pseudarthrosis:
Conservative management, Ilizarov, intramedullary growth rods (Fassier-Duval rods), vascularised fibular transfer.

Osteogenesis imperfecta and other bony dysplasias:
Medical management with biposphonates, brace management, multiple corrective osteotomies and intramedullary growth rod insertion (Fassier-Duval rods). Readmore...

Other hip disorders:
Perthes disease and perthes sequelae,: Conservative management, Femoral and acetabular osteotomies like VDRO, Shelf, Ganz etc

SCFE(Slipped capital femoral epiphysis) and sequelae:
Closed reduction and pinning, surgical dislocation and acute reduction and pinning, femoral corrective osteotomies.


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