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  1. Author of text book titled ` Margadarshi - PG entrance book for undergraduates` published Paras
    medical publisher in June 2003.
  2. Publication of Original article ` Surgical management of Lumbar disc prolapse by fenestration
    technique` - In j.orthopaedics 2006; 3(4) e6. (www.jortho.org)
  3. Bilateral sternocleidomastoid contracture in an adolescent girl. A case report. J Pediatr
    Orthop B 2009, May 01; 18(3): 145-7.
  4. Clinical researches for the dissertation of Rajivgandhi University of health sciences -
    ` The prospective study of surgical management of lumbar disc prolapse by fenestration technique
    in adults`. Submitted and accepted in Sept 2005.
  5. Submitted - original article – Total knee arthroplasty: 2 year study using Non-Restrictive –Geometry fixed bearing tibial insert. Journal of Arthroplasty Jan 2009.
  6. Original article: Manohar Babu KV., Fassier F., Rendon J.S., Saran N., Hamdy R.C. 2012
    Correction of proximal tibial recurvatum using the Ilizarov technique
    Pediatr. Orthop. 2012 Jan-Feb;32(1):35-41. PMID: 22173385
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