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The Centre for Pediatric Orthopaedics & Deformity Correction

Bangalore pediatric orthopaedic centre is an advanced pediatric orthopaedic centre manned by double fellowship trained pediatric orthopaedic surgeon Dr Manohar Babu KV. Centre offers complete and sophisticated orthopaedic care for children with excellent results and we are committed to offer the highest level of surgical expertise through fully trained and highly experienced health professionals.

We offer following services for common Children Orthopaedic Problems.

Club foot: We offer 100 % success rate for all clubfeet presented before 6 months of age, a rare feet by any deformity corrective surgeon. We also treat children with neglected and recurrent clubfeet with very good outcome

Cerebral Palsy: Comprehensive evaluation of all kids with delayed milestones and established CP children. We offer SEMLARS surgeries for spastic kids with very good outcome. Botox treatment is also offered for selective children with cerebral palsy. We provide good rehab for children including home physio. Ours is the only centre which offer surgeries for adults with spasticity with very good outcome.

Bone and joint infections: Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis managemnt of all bones in children and adults. we treat highest number of bone and joint infections which are referred from different places of the country.we have good track record of treating failed, recurred infections with bone loss. Using combined modality approach and targeted antibiotic delivery, it possible to achieve very good outcome in these patients. we provide solutions to the growth disturbances caused due to past infections of bone and joint in childhood.

Hip Problems: DDH, CDH, Perthes disease and other hip problems are dealt here. Most advanced treatment for CDH including bace, cast, closed and open reduction and pelviacetabular osteotomies. we have treated successfully neglected and recurred CDH in older children as well

Upper limb disorders: Birth palsy (Erbs palsy) treatment incuding neglected disabilities, congenital anomolies of hand and forearm in infants and children are treated with good outcome.

In addition to pediatric orthopaedics, we offer unique specialised services for adults such as limb lengthening (medical and cosmetic), adult deformity correction and Ilizarov, Joint preservation surgeries ans joint replacements.

Dr. Manohar Babu K.V. is a consultant in pediatric ortho & deformity correction. All the major operative procedure will be conducted at Apollo Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. We provide an integrated and holistic approach to musculoskeletal disorders and work with a team of dedicated nurses and rehabilitation specialists. We, at the centre are proud to be at the forefront of the latest in orthopaedic science and technology, and our top priority has always been to offer our patients the highest quality of medical care.      Readmore...

About Dr. Manohar Babu K.V

Dr Manohar Babu K.V is a Senior Consultant Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon who is locally and internationally renowned for his surgical expertise and advancement of orthopaedic surgery particularly in advanced techniques for Limb Reconstruction and Deformity Correction both in Paediatric and Adult patients.

  • MBBS, MS Orthopedics (Gold Medallist), DNB Ortho,
  • MRCS Edinburgh UK ,
  • Fellowship in deformity correction and Paed Ortho Canada
  • Fellowship in adult reconstruction (arthroplasty) Singapore
  • Fellowship in Hip and knee surgery, Mayo clinic, USA
  • Fellowship in Paed Ortho Singapore


Contact Information
#122, 2nd main,
KSRTC layout,
JP Nagar 2nd phase
Bangalore 560078
Phone : 9164072363
E-mail: manu_babukv@yahoo.com
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